Volunteer Rewards Program

We acknowledge the importance of giving back to our communities. Some of us get involved with TISC to meet new people and others to sharpen their skills.  Some people are passionate for the cause, while others may volunteer to learn how to sail. For the later, we have created a Volunteer Rewards Program. Whatever the motivation, all are welcome!

Volunteers with a minimum of 16 hours of service:

TISC will reserve 25% of its courses for volunteers per availability. Volunteer hours are non-transferable unless in the case of a minor to whom the volunteer is a legal guardian. Logging your hours not only benefits you, it also supports Sail Sand Point ‘s annual Public Benefit which helps to offset operating costs for the organization. You can log hours online or in-person in the office.

Experienced sailors can volunteer to take a small groups of people sailing around the cove teaching them the basics of sailing. Volunteers need to pass TISC’s J/24 checkout and are required to do a background check if they are going to be working with youth.

VI Sailing

This is a one-Saturday or Sunday-a-month event hosted at Treasure Island Sailing Center (TISC) in partnership with the Lighthouse Sailing School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. TISC is seeking experienced sailors to participate in these events either as instructors or as crew members on a J24. Some training will be required in order to gain experience in teaching blind and visiually-impaired sailors. More information can be found blindsail.org